Insurance for your business is often thought of as a stand-alone product: a commodity.
It is not. Your insurance policies are legal contracts enacted between your business and your insurance carrier. As such, the value of your policies relates directly to how well they do or do not respond to the liabilities your business will face.

We specialize in commercial insurance— insurance for your business.

Our expertise lies in the concentrated understanding of how your insurance contracts operate, and how they interconnect.

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Our focus includes the following:

Liability Insurance (Casualty)

Those policies responding to allegations of legal liability and damages arising from lawsuits against your business. These policies are designed to integrate among one another and typically include the following:

General Liability (GL)
Employment-Practices Liability (EPL)
Errors & Omissions (E&O) / Professional Liability
Privacy and Cyberliabilty
Directors & Officers (D&O)
Commercial Auto (Liability)
Product Liability
Excess Liability / Umbrella
Trade-Credit Insurance


Those policies responding to damage or destruction of physical, tangible assets, including:

Business Personal Property
Inland Marine / Cargo
Commercial Flood
Commercial Auto (Property)

Worker’s-Compensation Insurance (Casualty)

The statutory policy responding when your employee is injured during the course of employment. In California, worker’s-compensation represents a majority of the annual insurance cost for most businesses. Strategies of cost-recovery and ongoing cost containment are vital in preserving your annual budget, including strong safety process, loss control, and evaluation of potential solutions outside of traditional insurance models.

Our Approach Is Consultation, Not Sales

Our goal is to help you make informed choices for your business, not to simply sell you insurance. Every insurance program has areas of strength, and areas of softness. Our job is to help you identify those two levers year-over-year, enabling you to make deliberate, strategic, and well-advised decisions on how best to manage the risks facing your organization.