Do you have a strategy For minimizing your Risk & Liability?

Our Expertise

We specialize exclusively in commercial insurance— the insurance strategies protecting the assets of your business.

Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance is not a collection of isolated, stand-alone products.  Your business insurance policies are legal contracts outlining specific terms-and-conditions that will respond to the liabilities your business will face.  We specialize in the structure of these insurance policies, and how they relate to your ongoing strategies of minimizing your risk.
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About Our Firm

We are a boutique, highly professional and highly consultative insurance-services agency. Our guiding principles are to function as the risk-management department for our clients, not simply as an insurance-sales vendor. Insurance works best as the end component of a well-designed risk-control strategy. Our goal is to help you better understand and better implement that strategy, protecting your business year-over-year.

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Policy Review

Every insurance program has areas of strength, and areas of softness. It’s ideal to map-out those areas BEFORE a lawsuit is served. A strong and comprehensive review of your current insurance architecture will summarize for you those areas most broadly protected, and those areas most measurably vulnerable.   The review will confirm areas of your insurance program that are working well, and will identify areas of your policy approach that may benefit from improvement, particularly with respect to California-based litigation and claims. Our executive summary will provide you with written recommendations to be referenced in your board minutes as documentation of your Duty of Care towards your business and organization.

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